Dear Tim: Echoes of Death Row - Swithin Fry - Theatre

Hello, I’m Swithin Fry. I started penpal-ing with Tim in 2011 through one of the UK group of volunteers who write for humanitarian reasons to prisoners on Death Row throughout the States. This was shortly after my retirement as a college teacher here in the UK. And then in early 2012, on my first visit to America, I visited him at the prison in Chillicothe, Ohio.

As I was an ‘out of State’ visitor, I was allowed to be with him for the whole of one day, eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, and half the next day before I had to catch the coach back to New York where I was staying at the time.

During my time with him, not only did he explain some of the complexities of his case but he also began to convince me of his innocence; later, on my return to the UK, his attorney e-mailed me some of the defence documents – this was far from easy reading, not only because of the legal jargon used, but also from the fact that I was reading about a real woman, not a fictional character in a novel or a movie, but a real woman, a mother with children, who had been murdered.

But the more I read, the more I became convinced that Timothy Coleman is innocent. He was no saint at the time, but I do believe he did not commit the murder for which he is now facing execution.

When I was with Tim, he urged me to start some sort of web campaign. He believes that international interest will support his move for a retrial. So, at last, here is the web – may it have the results that Tim prays for.

Sincerely Swithin Fry