30 July 2017

International Friendship Day – the future of Tim’s website…

25 Feburary 2017

It’s light a candle for Tim day, the 25th: I’ve had an e-mail from Tim, and the image it conjured, I must admit, made me smile. Here it is: It’s taken me a few days to email u back. They moved me to another block temporary due to the guy above my cell had a heat leak and it flooded my cell out. Takes a day for the kiosk to enter me in a different block. / The planned Death Row move from Chillicothe to Toledo has still not happened, with no definite date being given to the inmates – very unsettling for all of them /For Tim, though, no news is good news, as that hope which has been glimmering for too many months now, seems to be glowing at long last – more of that as soon as I can. This glowing puts the focus back on America; and appropriately, Tim has now got someone in America to take on the campaign and push for funding once we know how much he needs and for what. Her name is Tanya James and as soon as I have been in touch with her, I’ll send her contact details out. / And now: Fact 11 about the Death penalty [] In 2014, death sentences reached their lowest level in 40 years with only 73 people sentenced to death.  / I also noticed, only today, that the ‘death penalty information’ website is having February as its ‘Black History Month’. The one which caught my eye is this: Between 1973 and February 6, 2017, 157 men and women who were wrongly convicted and sentenced to death have been exonerated. 82 of these wrongfully convicted death-row exonerees (52.2%) are black. 12 (7.6%) are Latino. One each are Thai or Jordanian. Taken together, 61.1% of U.S. death-row exonerees are people of color.

28 November 2016

Tim is being moved to Toledo Correctional Institution/Fact 10 about the Death penalty

21 October 2016

Messages of hope from Human Writes Conference in London/ message of appreciation from inmate Shawn Hawkins / Fact 9 about the Death Penalty

25 February 2016

Something’s brewing/Still trying to catch up on 2015!/light a candle for Tim and Shawn/Fact 8 about the Death Penalty

25 January 2016

Catching up on 2015; especially the overwhelming meeting with barrister Alan Bates, and the privilege of performing at the Kings Head Theatre, in Islington/ Light a candle pledge/ Fact 7 about the Death Penalty/ The book Injustice by Clive Stafford Smith – with brief details from the exhibition catalogue of The Human Face of Death Row (2009) by artist Claire Phillips

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16 December 2015
An amazing end to a rollercoaster year/ ‘Light a candle’ on 25th…12 months on/Fact 6 about the Death Penalty

25th of October 2015

Light a candle for Tim/handwriting expert update/my Croydon experience!

Message of thanks from Tim: [see also Croydon Amnesty blog]

To the croydon amnesty,croydon youth theatre organisation,Words can not begin to express my profound gratitude,appreciation & thank you’s for your caring,love,concern,support & donations in my struggle & battle for justice to clear my name for crimes the state of ohio u.s.a. knows i am completely innocent of.Still they want & am trying to kill me for this when the actual murder has long since came foward & confessed he killed melinda stevens ( him being william sapp ) yet the state of ohio does not care per they had already railroaded & convicted me for this.Excuse me at times i get sidetracked from emotional effects this ordeal has done to me! Back on track now,thank u for allowing my friend Swithin fry ( i call him swith ) to tell & show u my horrific story .Indeed a Nightmare.without my creater GOD & my personal savior Jesus Christ none of this would be possible for swith nor i .u would never even have heard the name timothy leon coleman #A328-139 nor even seen my face.Thank u again from the bottom of my heart & being !!!!! It’s funny how we’ve nevet met,talked to each other & in some cases never seen one another.One would say that we r total strangers-ooh how wtong this Term is because in my heart i feel / know that we r friends & our friendship & love is real.Like the coca-cola pop trade mark theme says ( The real thing ) Together i know that we will win this war & one day i will stand before & with u in person sharing all with u & he world with tears of sadness from all that i have lost & yet tears of happiness from all that I have gained which is my life,freedom & real love & friendship in u !!! Sincerely,Timothy I truly am blessed for u all .have a great day again thank u.with all my heart & being .

14 September 2015

Handwriting expert hits a ‘brick wall’/the silver lining behind the brick wall/Fact 4 about the death penalty

02 September 2015

Tim’s e-mail thanking everyone for such wonderful birthday cards/Fact 3 about the death penalty/still no news about the handwriting expert

02 September 2015

My interview with Anna King, BBC Radio Gloucestershire

23 August 2015

Tim is 46 today and has spent 18 of those 46 years on death row in Ohio

17 August 2015

No news on handwriting expert – pray that it will be no news is good news/Tim’s birthday on August 23/Facts about the death penalty number 2

05 August 2015

Nightmare rollercoaster trying to find a handwriting expert/number one of 50 facts about the death penalty.

07 July 2015

Death Row Exoneree Glenn Ford Dies One Year After Release

25 June 2015

It’s ‘light a candle for Tim’ day!

24 May 2015

Fringe and Sidcot Quaker School performances / Appeal denied – so now what?

13 May 2015

I’m interviewed by Danny Pike of BBC Radio Sussex about Dear Tim at Brighton Fringe

01 May 2015

Hear me talk about Tim on CotswoldFM – and check it out on the CotswoldFM site…you can pick it up anywhere in the world! Big thanks to CotswoldFM!

30 April 2015

‘They are all trying to leave me with issues that will only give me life’

28 April 2015

Tim’s e-mail / ‘I continue to fight…if nothing else because I’m not a quitter…’ /

27 April 2015

Appeal denied email from Tim / Fringe show rescheduled /