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Swithin dramatically tells the story of his visit to a draughty Death Row cell block in America to meet Inmate A328139, his penpal Tim Coleman; and how that meeting led him to uncover a maze of legal Catch-22s in Tim’s bid for a retrial. Poignant, often humorous, Swithin’s true-life story is thought-provoking and intriguing.

‘Fascinating insight into the American judicial system and the nature of one prisoner’s stand’ (Amnesty International reviewer). For other audience feedback, see past listings below:



2016 performances:

Human Writes Conference, October 2016.


November 2015 : #Festival45, Kings Head Theatre, Islington

9 Nov – 5.30; 11 Nov – 5.30; 12 Nov – 8.30; 14 Nov – 1.00; 15 Nov – 8.30

October 2015: Croydon Youth Theatre Organisation with Croydon Amnesty International

CYTO Theatre: The Shoestring Theatre, Oakley Road, South Norwood, London SE25 4XG

17 October 7pm + q/a

“I am so glad positive things are coming out of the show. I have heard nothing but praise for it this week.” Croydon Amnesty member

September 2015: Stroud Theatre Festival

George Room:  11 Sep Fri 1.30;  12 Sep Sat 6.00; 13 Sep  Sun 7.30.

May 2015: Brighton Fringe Festival

‘Powerful solo show’  Melita Dennet, BBC Radio Sussex/ Radio Reverb Brighton

‘Would dearly love your show in #Festival45’ Adam Spreadbury-Maher, artistic director, King’s Head Theatre, Islington. (#Festival45 is the Kings Head Theatre Festival of new writing in Oct/Nov 2015)

‘Extremely interesting. It’s incredible…that people are happy to let an innocent man waste his life on death row and potentially be executed…’ Claire Phillips portrait artist The Human Face of Death Row

Audience: ‘I felt very touched’; ‘Well done! Tim would be very proud of you’; ‘You are doing an amazing job for Tim’

BBC Radio Sussex’s Danny Pike interviewed me about this show:

Radio Reverb’s Melita Dennet interviewed me about this show: hear extracts of the interview:

May 18 2015
The Art Centre, Sidcot School
Audience: ‘Very thought provoking…’;’Inspirational…we had both put off something else to come!’;’…you gave us a clear insight into the life and surroundings of an American inmate’
This was part of Sidcot’s ‘Let Your Life Speak’ series which explores Quakers and Quaker values in the world today.

April 9 2015
Private work-in-progress viewing for Brighton Fringe and case update development.

‘Brilliant!’; ‘Very powerful’; ‘Focused interactive  evening…I have much to reflect upon’; ‘It has been much in my thoughts since and I have written to Tim today to wish him well’

February 25 2015
Sundial Theatre, Cirencester
‘Privilege to hear your story’; ‘Very moving’; ‘Feel really inspired’; ‘Tim – you have got a good man on your side’